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Crane expert

A Long history in crane business

Solutions for ports and shipyards
ISKAR offers wide range of jib cranes special for your requirements. State of the art modern level luffing slewing cranes, equipped with latest technology answers the needs of ports and shipyards. >>

Turnkey systems & Revamping Projects
ISKAR delivers turnkey cranes for your requirements as well inspects and revamps out dated material handling systems with the latest crane technology.

Know How

Material Handling Machinery

Continuous material handling
Our unique know how background offers continuous ship to shore unloaders and loaders for bulk materials including grain, minerals and cement. Latest conveying technology is applied on all of our products.

Loading-Unloading without Dust
With its unique flow technology, ISKAR can guarantee dustless loading operations reduced below regulation limits.

Design services

Dedicated solution for your needs

Unique machinery
Contact us for your unique hoisting and material handling requests. Our engineering team is at your service for challenging projects and designs.

Engineering Power
Our core design team is equipped with fully 3D modeling, analysis and simulation concepts. From scratch to shop drawings quality control is an essential feature.

Latest Projects

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